Tahini Oat with Chocolate Cookies

Tahini Oat with Chocolate Cookies
Tahini Oat with Chocolate Cookies








There are cookies that are better for your body, I don’t believe date heavy treats better than refined sugar choices. With Christmas over and people saying things like ‘time to be healthy again’I don’t believe Christmas or Christmas food is unhealthy. I don’t think treats made with large amounts of dates are a better choice. Diet food is even worse…

Cravings set in quite fast after Christmas different types of cravings, how we spend time thinking about these feelings cravings is much more important to me. Than the food that’s been thought of…in the circle of repeating thoughts low self esteem is somewhere in there, with holding on inside to stop or control feelings from being expressed.

I know now happiness is a choice and it comes from the inside out so in this confusion of food, feelings and cravings. Something like what I have made can be in the middle, while our internal life balances out. Enjoying low refined sugar sweetened food made from oats and not refined flour, I’ve used a some shop brought chocolate from a brand I like. Feeling bad about having cravings is a waste of time, that is why I learnt to make my own treats because its empowering…..

Recipe will follow…..


Easter and Sugar

In all these years of me giving up sugar and thinking cravings were  just going to stop.

With sugar being a hot topic everywhere and with the sugar tax coming. Cravings and desiring treats doesn’t stop just because ….. Just because whatever the reason.

I never knew years ago my ‘giving up’ sugar was a journey to know me.

I never knew cravings had feelings underneath them, with a few locked in emotions too. And then there are layers, on layers with cravings and feelings. And wanting just wanting.

I feel I know sugar cravings better than I know most of my feelings.

With Easter coming I want to talk about transition recipes, I’ve learnt to make my own chocolate, cakes and treats. I’m going to share some transition recipes with you all.


I think and feel strongly if you experience cravings and if they are for sweet foods, they don’t just go away. I think the obsessive thoughts and feelings of guilt are worse than the food.
So don’t worry please let go if you are ready for a change? And try one of my recipes that will come this week on my blog. And try to take it easy, most of us will be eating chocolate.  

One Organic Change

Organic Greens
Organic Greens









If I can recommend one change and one organic food to add into your day. It is Organic Greens, this bunch cost £1.70 from my local farmers market. Goes with, eggs, fish and meat dishes, in smoothies and juices…..

You don’t have to treat the symptoms like sugar cravings, endless feeling of hunger, grey skin tone, PMS….

Simply treat the cause and symptoms vanish.” The cause is imbalance, a lack of nutrients, of vitamins and minerals, an excess of chemicals and artificial compounds (which sit and live around the liver). The key then is to find foods that will immediately start tipping the scale in the right direction and organic greens can do this.

Dark, leafy greens are the food most missing in diets and are, coincidentally, the most essential. Greens such as kale, Swiss chard, and watercress are packed with calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, C, E and K. High in fibre, folic acid, and chlorophyll, dark greens have a medicinal power. Benefits of a diet packed with greens include blood purification, cleared congestion, improved circulation and organ function, elimination of depression and prevention of many modern ailments. A regular intake of greens leaves no room for imbalance or its associated aches and pains and instead creates opportunity for wellness, brings back balance.