A Digestive and Immunity Boosting Spritz Recipe from Jamu Kitchen

Idea from Jamu Kitchen
Idea from Jamu Kitchen








A digestive and immunity boosting spritz recipe from Jamu Kitchen

I made this at home its very light and so good I hope you make this for yourself.


1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinger

1 tbsp Ginger – I grated mine and squeezed the juice out

1 tbsp Seedless Tamarind Pulp

1 tbsp Honey

Stir. Then Dilute 1 tbsp of the mixture with sparkling water. Enjoy


My Passion For Water









I believe people are chronically dehydrated on a daily basis and ‘Quality’ water is difficult to come by.

My hydrating tips:

Find yourself a large glass about a pint glass, depending on your environment and daily activity. And get use to sipping from it, so you start having an idea of much you are drinking.

  • If you go to the bathroom more than once or twice an hour, reduce the amount of water in your glass

Stop sipping 40 minutes before eating and 20 minutes after eating start drinking again.

  • Water dilutes ‘Hydrochloric Acid’ in the stomach –  Essential for digestion.

Take your time with sipping your glass of water. Herbal teas count as your water intake.

  • Green tea does not

Pouring a pitcher of water and flavouring your water is a dynamic way to add extra minerals.

  • Organic slices of lime, orange, ginger with mint and cucumber

Adding some organic apple cider vinegar to the first glass of water a day or before a meal increases Hydrochloric Acid in the stomach and aids with the digestion process.

  • Less bloating

Take a selfie before hydrating yourself and during sipping water and monitor the difference in your skin. And notice how you feel, if your have less or no cravings. Feel your lunch time hunger pains deeper.

If you think your going to be out for 4 to 5 hours, take a 500ml bottle of water with you and sip.

Slow down sipping on water 2 – 3 hours before bed.

Glow with Nature’s Precious Elixir.