This Kiwi has Needed Help…….

My Choices + I've Needed Help
My Choices + I’ve Needed Help








So this kiwi has needed help with most parts of my life. I’m still working through this time, I love structure and I worked hard for my role (can you hear me not letting go)but I love and felt the structure is what I’ve needed.

I’ve taken a big step back in my life there is no date nights, no partying, no pushing to achieve more, do more. No push to be promoted, no hit workouts, it has been time for inner work and time to pull back. Then I started being treated for post traumatic stress disorder, I needed to make peace with the nothingness.

I started to feel okay with this feeling of oh Sh*t…. oh here is the route of my low energy, blackouts and other things in my life, I felt I had no way of managing. They where in charge of me..

With social media being how people live and show their life’s, I’ve learnt it’s how we perceive those pictures or messages based on our own life experience.

Then I read, I am not what, you think I am. You are what you think I am.

I am going to share what has worked for me to move forward, I hope there are bits you may like to try… small steps forward, small changes = new happiness
No forcing, if change was easy habits would disappear 🙂