A Beautiful Colourful Curry

A Beautiful Curry
A Beautiful Curry








Balance isn’t something out there .. Balance is created by you… And where you are now.

Take insights from 2016 and ask yourself, what did I enjoy? I did I learn? What do I want more of in my life?

I believe in the present moment but I don’t always accept what is in my present moment. I drift off in thoughts like a day dream rather than feel the pain of a yoga pose I don’t enjoy or put an extra 10 minutes into making my Monday night dinner more beautiful.

I’ve started this New Year with a fever and unwell, I’m still recovering and all the sickness is nearly gone. I feel now ground and trusting at this time, very accepting of myself. I have no diet I to try or no new resolution no new fade…. maybe its because I had a fever, maybe its an effect from all the meditation I did. I do have a vision of how I want to feel very day and be very day living inside my skin.

Life’s most essential needs of a healthy mind, body and spirit brings in self empowerment, confidence and happiness in everyday living. Healing is an act of allowing something to revert to it’s natural state.

Good health brings the greatest quality of life with balance it’s key..


Practice to Become A Routine Day 2

My writing note books
My writing note books









Practice rather than failure more, practice practice. I know my feelings and mood is deeply different about ourselves, when we choose a meal that nourishes us.

Sometimes it is a distant memory the feeling of ravenous hunger from I felt as a child. I do wonder where it went……. and when it went away ……. and why it went away ?

So why do I want to to wake up early to have enough time. To have a personal practice to to get in touch with how I feel? And to set up my day so I feel good in my skin? And to feel balanced throughout my day in my skin.

I remember as a child knowing what I liked and what I wanted … ! As an adult my answers aren’t clear or full of clarity and I don’t like it when I change my mind ….. I dislike it, when someone points out I have changed my mind.

So I have to reconnect back to myself daily for a sense of myself.

This morning I will wake at 5:30 am to start my daily practice;

I think about my Intention for the day this I normally do the night before and write this now. How I think of myself is so valuable to me because I want happy feelings and positive gene expression. More commonly known as well being.

Alarm goes
Hot water with Jasmine green tea – I make a small tea pot which makes about 2 mugs
Meditation for 15 minutes – right now I am using youtube to find a meditation to follow
Dry body brush for 5 to 8 minutes and shower

Writing personal and blog ideas

Then getting ready for work to leave for 7:15 am with my lunch made from last nights dinner.

On Reflection 2014







Practicing my morning route, mine isn’t perfect yet. When I read others morning routes, I think you make it sound so easy. My value on time and how much sleep I think I need, interferes with me taking actions.

It is a straight choice
I do what makes me feel good for the day ahead and be on time? or rush everything? or have a nagging voice in my head all day with doubts? Hmmmmmm

I work full time in a corporate setting and study at IIN + my life and all that entails
For two months of this year I woke up at 5:00 am to fit everything in:

Oil pulling + journaling at the same time + maybe some other writing
Hot water and lemon or a weak green tea
Dry body brushing + shower + body oils and repeating affirmations
Tidy up around my place and getting ready for work + Breakfast

Waking up at 6:00 am meant I could do:
Hot water and Lemon, ginger and mint or a weak green tea
Meditation + journaling
Dry body brush and shower + body oil and affirmations
Getting ready for work and a little tidy up around the place

This is with my lunch made the night before and sometimes my breakfast already made for my working day.

One affirmation I love and repeat a lot is from Benjamin Flackin, ‘ What good shall I do this day’.

When I practice my morning route, I am more cosy in my skin and I feel I natural follow. I am more present in my day and carry gratitude. I accept my food plan because it works for me, so questioning stops. I practice because it isn’t always none perfectly but having a morning route gives me so much more back, self-Love and self-care.

I think about, what do I want in my life?


The Nature of Self Nurture has Meant I Needed to

Pretty Feet grounding myself early in the morning
Pretty Feet grounding myself early in the morning








Overwhelmed with irritation with my inner knowing I need to take better care of myself. All because of the time my alarm will be going off. My alarm needs to be 5:00 am or 6:00 am on Monday to Friday …. Added to my irritation I am taking my breakfast and lunch in glass jars or containers to my 9 till 5 life. So I can maintain feeling great in the present moment I live in.

Honouring commitments to myself has become a habit through my journey of accepting what is the best choice for me. I seem to be driven by wanting a little more or wanting what is over there……. cravings desiring what is over there is so appealing. Rather than feeling what is right here in my now inside my skin.

When Benjamin Franklin said “What good shall I do this day” in his early morning route. I think people are thinking, “ how can I feel good today, no matter what comes my way”. No matter how many work emails I receive or if I am overlooked for promotion, I will feel good inside my skin today. The nature of self nurture has meant I needed to make peace with needing time to get ready for my day. I have tried (no I don’t do them all in a morning)

Journalling 3 pages
Saying a quote to inspire my day ahead like a personal mantra
Oiling Pulling
Dry Body Brushing
Hot water with Lemon or a weak Green Tea
Meditation or sitting quietly for 5 minutes
Early morning walk on the grass
My wellness route differs a little most days but for me to make peace from my mental noise in my mind. I need to chose 1 or three of these practices, when I was 20 years old making time for hot water and lemon, was all I managed to add into my life. At 30 hot water and lemon + reading a quote & dry body brushing + morning shower.

My morning quote has been for years, ‘this beautiful food is making me strong and slim, it is thanks to this beautiful food, I can accomplish as much as I do in one day’.