To Polly Noble and L’Wern Scott

This has been painful deeply painful, for me mainly because these two very different women share one same quality. To inspire beauty in other women and to be beautiful on the inside and out. I once heard Victoria Beckham say ‘she hates it when women hate on other women’, I think Victoria is right here. Polly and L’Wren didn’t hate on other women. They showed others how to be beautiful and to love and respect themselves daily.

What is beauty to me, it’s eating beautiful food and glowing inside out naturally. It’s wearing clothes I feel great in and not what others think I should wear. It is embracing other females in their journey and accepting them as they are. It is allowing me to be me in this time of growth in my life and this time is not perfect and full on roses. More challenges managed with grace, well that is what I am aiming for. To remember Polly and L’Wren when I am creating my food and getting dressed or when I am creating a peaceful space for me to live in.

Polly Noble said I love to get up and talk in front of people to inspire and motivate them to make positive changes in their life.









Mostly importantly to laugh more with other and to cry less for those who have gone but to remember their unique messages to live and love and be me.