A Digestive and Immunity Boosting Spritz Recipe from Jamu Kitchen

Idea from Jamu Kitchen
Idea from Jamu Kitchen








A digestive and immunity boosting spritz recipe from Jamu Kitchen

I made this at home its very light and so good I hope you make this for yourself.


1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinger

1 tbsp Ginger – I grated mine and squeezed the juice out

1 tbsp Seedless Tamarind Pulp

1 tbsp Honey

Stir. Then Dilute 1 tbsp of the mixture with sparkling water. Enjoy



My Cabbage and Apple Juice










I think at this time our food has become ‘a product or adorned’ dressed, packaged, embellished and enhanced. Foods looking pretty or from from the right shop seems to be very important to people. Walking down the street with fancy cups in their hands. Also with the fresh foods sections becoming noticeably smaller in supermarket.

Vegetables can look dull and boring, then totally overlooked. It is easy to let personal goals and desires side away, with no action taken to achieve our goals.

Then feeling flat or disappointed in oneself comes a normal feeling.

Why would a cabbage grab our attention as we walk around the supermarket? Did you know they are rich with chlorophyll, vitamin b9 and folic acid. Cabbages cleanse the digestive tract and rejuvenate.
Constipation is on the increase across all ages.
In a darker cabbage varieties calcium and chlorophyll are more concentrated. There are light green to dark green and purple cabbages.

Phytochemicals from cabbages compounds include sulforaphane and other glucosinolates which is known to stimulate the production of detoxification in our bodies. In other words assists this process in our bodies, which happens in our bodies every 24 hours of very day.

Antioxidants = colours = natural beauty in one’s skin