Your Bodies Many Cries for Water part 5


In part 1 I talked about Dr Fereydoon Batmanghelidj water work and his discovery of hydration and healing the body and reducing pain with water in what Dr FB called an ‘ideal stress laboratory’ in 1979 in prison.

How does this relate to now? Being dehydrated and a consistent feeling of being tried and knowing you have 200 + emails in your work email inbox and deadlines to meet with a heavy workload and all your work colleagues……. that is a modern day form of a ‘ideal stress laboratory’ not in a prison but for some people, they feel like they are in a prison.

In part 2 I introduced you all to Masaru Emoto’s water work and his discovery of the molecular structure of water having memory. This structure can be reactivated by saying positive and meaningful  words to your water to bring the memory back and the evidence of this work. Has been photographed when the water is frozen and under a magnifying glass and looks so beautiful.

How could we think about this in our life’s? Are you willing to say nice words to your water? To help the water be more hydrating for your insides?  Could you feel more pretty knowing your water’s molecular structure looks so beautiful? And that silent beauty is following inside you supporting your cells to be healthy and vibrant ?

In part 3 I talked about one way to filter tap water and silent signs of your body craving water. Which are easy not fully realised with the craziness of the working  day. Also I asked you, could you imagine your day without these feelings from within?

If so what would you do with your day?

In part 4 I talked about my perception of pressure and stress and how these perceptions affected my water  drinking choices, meaning on the 2nd day I was feeling low, flat and heavy with very little thought following. I thought to myself why ?  Then oh, I haven’t been drinking much water because I didn’t want to add in the extra pressure of knowing I needed to go to the toilet on top of everything else I need to do.

In part 5 this week as we are living in overly-stimulated lives, why do we reject life preserving water? I explained my external drama and how I let the outside pressures, change the way I looked after my mind and body.

If you have received a cholesterol level diagnosis that has read high in LDL, please read this 5 part write up about water. Then start answering the questions or thinking about this as it is your Liver that will help you a lot in balancing your cholesterol levels back to normal. So think about your water intake. If one positive change today can support your health tomorrow, this is a great place to start.

And yes, I am drinking Black Water…….. amazing right? I am loving my Liver….


Your Bodies Many Cries for Water part 3

My filtered water and my favoured cucumber and orange water
My filtered water and my favoured cucumber and orange water









This is how I filter my water at home and this works for me, there are many ways to filter your water depending on your budget or lifestyle. I use the filtered water in my kettle, when I cook rice or other gains and when I make soups. I do buy different types of water to drink as well, in particular when I want to know how much water I have consumed in the day. I find it is easy to forget in the busyness of the day.

One point I would like to say is I think it has become normal to feel these symptoms daily and yet these are your body’s many cries or signs of dehydration;

  • dark or dark yellow urine or maybe you do not go to the toilet much
  • headaches or lack of concentration as the brain consists mainly of water
  • feeling light-headed
  • dryness in our bodies or dry-looking skin
  • lack of energy
  • painful defecation or little to none

The last one is emotional outlook, which I will cover in my last water post in two weeks.

If you are feeling any of these internal signs and they seem normal to you, could you imagine your day without these feelings from within? If so what would you do with your day?