A Digestive and Immunity Boosting Spritz Recipe from Jamu Kitchen

Idea from Jamu Kitchen
Idea from Jamu Kitchen








A digestive and immunity boosting spritz recipe from Jamu Kitchen

I made this at home its very light and so good I hope you make this for yourself.


1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinger

1 tbsp Ginger – I grated mine and squeezed the juice out

1 tbsp Seedless Tamarind Pulp

1 tbsp Honey

Stir. Then Dilute 1 tbsp of the mixture with sparkling water. Enjoy

Bone Broth

No one wants to be the food police nor can someone else know how we should be eating. We need to explore what works for us by how we feel, with a simple question like ‘how do I feel how I eat ….’?

Some blood groups need meat and other blood groups need a little. Nither is right or wrong but more it feels right. Then there is requiring balance, I think balance is an active action and not passive.

Now it’s convenient to go into a supermarket to buy food we need after a busy day. Or go to a fast food restaurant to eat on the go. Or buy a low calorie packaged dinner which means very little nutrition to me.

So aren’t growing our food, nor are we connecting with nature to produce our food. There are fruit heavy smoothies being sold as ‘healthy’ rather than fruit being a treat. Good fats were bad and low fat no fat foods were born. Now fats are good and vital for our bodies and hormone system to function. And I agree with fats being vital for healthy body functions.

I remember going to fancy restaurants and knowing the sauce was going to be amazing because of the ‘saucier’. A great French chef said ‘stock is everything in cooking, without it nothing can be done’. Said by Auguste Escoffier.


Known to add ‘depth’ of flavor or ‘body’ or a seductive and mysterious ‘Satisfaction’ that gives a feeling of total fullness.

I don’t know about you but I’ve never met a satisfied person, who permanently lives on a diet.

My 1st Bone Broth made at Hemsley + Hemsley at Selfridges
My 1st Bone Broth made at Hemsley + Hemsley at Selfridges









After over 20 years of not eating meat, I decided to start drinking bone broth. A discussion I have taken a long time to make. With my thyroid issues added into the mix and my digestion being weak, I wanted to add bone broth into my healing protocol.

I’ve been taking probiotics for years, then I started to realise I needed to do more if my weak digestion is a drain on the rest of my body.

I went to Hemsley + Hemsley new cafe in Selfridges to try and taste the broth so I know how it tastes before I start making my own.

I learnt bone broth helps restore healthy mucosal lining in the gut, its high gelatine and collagen and high in proline a very important amino acid. Super charging my food with bone broth to support my hormones and immune system. Sounded like a very good idea to me and the benefits are so much longer than what I’m writing here.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato, apple juiced. Then blend blueberries and cinnamon
Sweet potato, apple juiced. Then blend blueberries and cinnamon









This recipe is from a Joe Cross book, Reboot with Joe Juice Diet

What was called in the Classical period of Rome ‘Law of Similarities’ every whole food has a pattern that resembles a body organ or physiological function and this pattern acts as a signal or sign as to the benefit the food provides the consumer (or enjoyer).

Sweet potatoes are said to resemble the pancreas in design and colour because they are tuberous, long and tapered, rich in complex carbohydrates, fibre, beta-carotene and vitamin C and B 6, sweet potatoes are extremely high in nutritional value.

The presence of beta-carotene in sweet potatoes helps the body fight free radicals. Sweet potatoes also help balance the glycaemic index — despite the irony of the word “sweet.”

These are all interesting facts but do they encourage you to want to believe in the natural power of fruit and vegetables to feed and heal your body and give you the results you require in lowering your cholesterol levels. Raising your vitality, increasing natural bowel function.

The power in simplicity of consuming a high fruit, vegetable and green leafy intake can and will give you what you need. Even if you live on a tight budget, I bake them. Sweeten chocolate brownies and grate them into vegetable stir fries with other vegetables.


My Cabbage and Apple Juice










I think at this time our food has become ‘a product or adorned’ dressed, packaged, embellished and enhanced. Foods looking pretty or from from the right shop seems to be very important to people. Walking down the street with fancy cups in their hands. Also with the fresh foods sections becoming noticeably smaller in supermarket.

Vegetables can look dull and boring, then totally overlooked. It is easy to let personal goals and desires side away, with no action taken to achieve our goals.

Then feeling flat or disappointed in oneself comes a normal feeling.

Why would a cabbage grab our attention as we walk around the supermarket? Did you know they are rich with chlorophyll, vitamin b9 and folic acid. Cabbages cleanse the digestive tract and rejuvenate.
Constipation is on the increase across all ages.
In a darker cabbage varieties calcium and chlorophyll are more concentrated. There are light green to dark green and purple cabbages.

Phytochemicals from cabbages compounds include sulforaphane and other glucosinolates which is known to stimulate the production of detoxification in our bodies. In other words assists this process in our bodies, which happens in our bodies every 24 hours of very day.

Antioxidants = colours = natural beauty in one’s skin

Vanilla and Berry Omelet

Breakfast Goodness
Breakfast Goodness

This is a beautiful breakfast and this recipe serves one and is what I think is a portion.

2 x Eggs I use organic free range
Vanilla I use a lot
A good ½ cup of berries I mainly use raspberries
1 tsp of rice syrup
Coconut fat – I sometimes use a little organic butter unsalted

In a bowl mix eggs, vanilla and rice syrup then mix. Heat a pan on a medium heat and drop in your chosen fat. Pour in the mixture when the omelet looks set at the bottom, pop your raspberries in on top. Then take off the heat and place under a hot grill until the omelet puffs up, keep an eye on this. Onced puffed, take it out and pop into your plate and Enjoy !

Unblock your Pipes, Unlock your Life – Bonus Information

The human body craves that which it is allergic to, with this in mind, if inside you have a quiet voice saying ‘I don’t think this …… food is a good idea’. And you have been experiencing wheezing or shortness of breath or a cough that won’t go away or even a cough you don’t notice much and these symptoms aren’t in causing a big problem,  they are just there.

 Ensuring the internal flow of in and out,  to eases digestive stagnation, remembering nourishing without being starved or deprived is in my opinion key to a healthy tummy and mind. Because everything is connected, this is why I started these blog posts with mental resistance and resilience.

Do you remember being asked, ‘ do you get enough roughage in your diet’? This question was asked a lot in magazines and doctors offices and the bran muffin craze was started. The word roughage we were questioned on our roughage, I remember this so well. This question was being asked before processed foods or pre-prepared meals were being sold, which hold low roughage. So this then means low poopage, low nourishment and your body will be starving for nutrition.

Digestion resulting in stagnation has become normalised. Absolute rules for personal diet requirements have become solidly in gained without the desired results.

Where has basic food enjoyment gone?