About Me

Upon helping a dear friend this year, after her visit to her doctor she had many questions and few of them answered. So we talked a lot and I went away and did research and was surprised by what I found out for her.  With the bio chemistry unraveled and all my client facing experience and wellness knowledge, I knew I could take her towards knowing what is right for her and how to bring her body back into balance.  So that’s what we did and over the course of 3 months we effectively reduced her cholesterol levels by half to normal.


Throughout my own health journey, no one talked to me about how I could have prevented my cancer 9 years ago or how to live after. Not knowing how to bring back my health following my cancer scare knowing that no amount of money was going to preserve my life left me feeling helpless.  I needed to find a new way to support my own well-being from the inside out. Over the years my perspective changed from one of fear – I must eat this broccoli or I may die sooner if I don’t – to one of a loving action for my mind and body to maintain my health.  Self-Love and care has become my number 1 and I have flourished since. One thing I know is no one likes being told what to eat, not even with a serious diagnosis from a doctor.  In fact I would say when it comes from your doctor, the news makes you want to go with your tears and fear to a place where you can devour every food in sight!


I have learnt that nature is powerful enough to bring back our health in our bodies and amazing health is for everyone regardless of your circumstances. I know more than ever we are living in an age where food and drinks are adorned like products when we need to remember our roots from times gone by. Knowing our food choices today will affect our health tomorrow and what it the point of wealth without health? Healthy abundant choices allow you to create a life you love with your health.

So ask me how and I will start you on your journey to wellness.


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