About Airein by Rebecca Merivale

I have learnt……..

…… That well-being is not a destination but an ongoing relationship with your own body.

Self acceptance needs to be considered and then embraced. This takes time…….

Some diagnosis can be an opportunity to build an inner relationship with yourself, to discover your next best steps to restore your health and well-being. Really, the diagnosis is demanding your 100% attention to recreate your health, one moment at a time finding peace in this moment supports your choices in your mind. This then encourages new food choices, living kindly inside your body. We are the ones who complicate things and the ones who can choose change. You are the most important authority on your own health.

Wondering how I got here? Picture a talented, driven and deeply off-course individual. Missing, self-esteem but with tremendous potential. With an inner calling to serve others but I needed to figure out how to love myself first. My whole life, my priorities, my choices, the way that I listen to my body and nourish myself. Is so different today, all lessons I have learnt the hard way on my journey from my head to my heart.

I do not accept there is only one course of action to heal. I do believe it is empowering to share where you are with a health coach and then to open up new healing pathways to well-being essential to experience full health.

I let go of everything to find my inner power to thrive, I detoxed my body and my mind. I learnt how to treat myself with absolute love and self-respect. To find my groove for my life in full health!  I am currently a student at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and I live in London. I am currently creating a waiting list for people who want to work with me 4 months time. Also add your name and email address below and you will receive free email updates from me.

Inspiration, juicing and smoothies recipes, more cholesterol balancing tips …… join this exploration and join me because here is so good!


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