Winter Porridge

Winter Porridge
Winter Porridge








This bright yellow winter porridge has been a delightful change for me over Christmas. Pumpkin puree and turmeric, cinnamon and nutmeg. with roasted figs and a chopped green apple.

Millet flakes 1/3 cup is a portion – note millet needs 3 times liquid so 1/3 of a cup 3 times – I use a low heat and find millet soaks up the liquid and if you need to add extra to create the consistence you enjoy eating

With about 1/2 of pumpkin puree, add coconut milk or rice milk or oat (its up to you)add 1 teaspoon cinnamon, turmeric and grate nutmeg – stir – I added a squeeze of rice syrup – warm this liquid it needs to be runny. Place your millet into a pan and add 3 times of this mixture. Stir and as it starts to look cooked have a taste, add more of spices or rice syrup. Because of the millet your porridge will have a sweet taste now just smooth out the flavors so you can enjoy this.


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