Allowing Healing to Happen


Making peace with quietness isn’t easy, quieting my mind takes effort and then after practice it just happens. Surrender isn’t giving up, allowing and letting go isn’t letting others do better. Surrender to allow healing is brave, its real, its realising it is safe to step back and take time to heal.

Heal from what? All the disappointments, heal from a perceived mistake, heal from illness, or just realising what once worked, no longer does.

In my time of quietness I’ve looked to find what I love and how I love to feel, focusing on doing the next right thing in that moment. When I think like this a nap happens or I make a cup of tea or I do a meditation or go to a yoga class.

The last hit workout I did my body acted badly after, I had a high stress response and my muscles went hard like rock for two weeks. No matter how many salt baths I had my body wouldn’t relax. The trainer was excellent but my body and mind perceived huge danger which equaled high stress response. This highlighted to me again, where I am at in this moment of my life.

Extreme Self Care — Self Care — Accepting — Allowing Healing

We all feel off from time to time but sometimes that feeling lingers

I’ve learnt raising our vibrations really helps too, our cells to vibrate like the atoms in our air. Through raising my internal vibrations small changes are coming into my life, even though I’ve stepped back, little by little new experiences have come in.

Have you smelled a rose lately? A real rose, next time you do this, think how you feel afterwards. Have you taken in a deep breath down to your tummy? think how do you feel after…. try doing 3 in a row and breath out your mouth… or do these deep breaths with a real rose in a garden…. then take a walk and think how do you feel?

I love do this…


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