On a Juice fast but the Extra Body Weight is Sticking?

A warm slow cooked breakfast
A warm slow cooked breakfast








Have you tried juice fasting? Have you had results but then all the weight comes back or just doesn’t leave? My tummy is out its not flat, I workout, I eat a lot of vegetables, I make homemade treats no refined sugar but I do use rice syrup in my raw chocolates.

No weight gain — No weight Loss — No toning up — No change

Stuck –Stuck and Still Stuck year after year

Same feelings — Same thoughts — Same result

But Why?

There is safety in our patterns, there is the same thinking with no new actions to start a change no matter how small. Yet feeling low and down and comparing to others is in grained in our brains. When I look at another female, I think I love what she is wearing and I love her glossy hair, glowing skin, sparkling eyes. But what I really want to know is, are you happy inside your skin?

We can all choose healthy foods to sparkle, we can all get dressed but how we feel and our perceptions of our worlds around us. Is what is the most important.

How do you feel today?


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