Directing My Intentions

Directing my intentions and actions wisely has taken daily work with the health issues I’ve been working through. Even if eating the healthiest choice I could make and not feel bad about any unhealthy foods I had, has been key.

Using my energy wisely has been an effort because I want and wanted to form my future. Filled with vibrant health, lots of energy and beautiful moments with laughter and sharing.

Law of attraction brings into our life’s everything we think, say and do becomes your reality. This didn’t mean pretending I was in full wellness and ignore the pain I was in, it meant to nourish myself on all levels and doing what I could to create my well future.

Choosing to focus my attention on my full health, happiness and joy took effort. My future is now, tomorrow is never a guarantee – start creating it today knowing everything is a product of thoughts. Our emotions are the best GPS to show us the way forward.

Do you like the way you feel? Do you listen to your thoughts and hear what you are are to ourself?

Lost energy does return and inspirations return those inspirations transform into action.

At one point in my life I didn’t recognise myself and I hated what was being reflected back to me by everyone and everything in my life.

Some readers think blogger live perfect lives but I think it’s more about living in a solution. And building health or happiness as a first priority is more our messages to everyone.

Stopping living in the past takes deep inner strength and then courage of our brave hearts to form our futures. Letting life nourish and inspire us accessing our inner wisdom as an on going personal adventure. Which self-limiting locks do you want to break free from?


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