Me Broken Me but Okay

My personal beliefs are stronger than ever towards responsible health and well-being.

It is up to me what I think, eat, drink and feel a life on rewind and repeat isn’t for me. If it’s true we carry 7 generations of stuff with us in one lifetime.

It’s not what we do sometimes that affects our bodies negatively it’s the daily actions we do. Like overeating is okay to do sometimes but if it becomes a habit daily. Day after day then the digestive system becomes slower and slower, we may not sleep as well and pooing may become slower too. And a tiredness sets in slowly and this tiredness starts to feel normal till one day, one year, in one moment we realise this isn’t normal to feel so tired.

During my time of not feeling well and trying to work out ‘why’, my focus has been my food, what I drink and how I think and how I feel. I’ve been learning transformational breathing, which is a connected breath and exploring my feelings.

To breath means to take in life.

I needed to ask myself what am I scared of? And are these things real or learnt.

Salt water, Sweat and Tears supper healing as I live in London, I buy salt and bath in it. I sweat doing an exercise I love and I cry if I feel I need to.

My fierce love for vegetables and as clean water as I can find is my priority.

My perception of my conditioning has changed and this has been empowering beyond words.

My perception change mixed with the support I have as help me to thrive in challenge, pain and heartbreak.

It takes courage to relax. To soften. To open.

It’s much easier too be tense and tight and closed and wound-up. It’s all-too-easy to be on rewind and repeat the life we don’t want and just keep going, going, going until we get so exhausted that we finally collapse. And when we feel utterly exhausted and no new path is brightly lit up for us to step onto without fears.

It’s even easier to conveniently gloss over the feelings from our hearts or our authentic feelings because our natural state of tension seems normal.. its not ….

It is relaxation. It is openness. It is softness. It is allowing.


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