I’m I healthy enough? I was I am now trying….

My first Bone Broth making at home
My first Bone Broth making at home









I’m I healthy enough? Have I done enough healthy actions? Is this choice healthy?

I woke at at 5:00 am to fit in oil pulling, writing, meditation, dry body brushing & shower and breakfast. Is this enough, oh my green salad at lunch or my greens at dinner, oh raw chocolate…. Bath time with epsom salts, baking soda and essential oils.

I’m I glowing? Do I look healthy? I’m I being healthy enough? Do I feel guilty for not putting enough effort into being healthy? How many hundreds of times has these questions run through your/my mind?

And obsessive thought is an obsessive thought no matter what is being repeated in one’s mind. Which is not helpful.

“I’ve learnt we must show up into our own life. Be brave, be strong and be love. To embrace the mess and trust yourself to find the way through.”

Above is fear based thinking I’ve learnt, everything new I learnt become my new must do. Now I think and feel if something may be right for me because it important for my gut feeling to guide me. Meditation or having quiet time gives time for a right answer to come through.


Learning to nourish myself and learning how to have quiet time daily has brought a lot of quality into my life.

I was a vegetarian then a vegan/raw foodie and now I eat lots of plants and greens and I drink bone broth. Because this feels right for me now to drink bone broth after over 20 years of being a non meat eater or meat juice drinker.

I was always doing jobs, work at home and my paid jobs and cooking, cleaning, shopping for the cooking. Doing jobs for friends and flavors now I’ve learnt to slow down a lot. And this has opened up time for wondering and allowing my mind to wonder with peace inside of quietness.

Letting go and allowing has revealed for me, it’s time too.

Make Bone Broth to heal my gut and nourish my inner body

Green smoothies low in fruit work better for my hormones

Quiet time helps my writing to focus and be mentally present with my friends

Quiet times helps me feel the tension(fears) I hold in my body and release them

Breathing fully helps me allow others to be themselves
This is what works for me, what works for you?

I’ve learnt when a person is aware of their intuitive sensitivity and they know how to work with it, it becomes enriching very powerful and comfortable to live and thrive in.


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