Bone Broth

No one wants to be the food police nor can someone else know how we should be eating. We need to explore what works for us by how we feel, with a simple question like ‘how do I feel how I eat ….’?

Some blood groups need meat and other blood groups need a little. Nither is right or wrong but more it feels right. Then there is requiring balance, I think balance is an active action and not passive.

Now it’s convenient to go into a supermarket to buy food we need after a busy day. Or go to a fast food restaurant to eat on the go. Or buy a low calorie packaged dinner which means very little nutrition to me.

So aren’t growing our food, nor are we connecting with nature to produce our food. There are fruit heavy smoothies being sold as ‘healthy’ rather than fruit being a treat. Good fats were bad and low fat no fat foods were born. Now fats are good and vital for our bodies and hormone system to function. And I agree with fats being vital for healthy body functions.

I remember going to fancy restaurants and knowing the sauce was going to be amazing because of the ‘saucier’. A great French chef said ‘stock is everything in cooking, without it nothing can be done’. Said by Auguste Escoffier.


Known to add ‘depth’ of flavor or ‘body’ or a seductive and mysterious ‘Satisfaction’ that gives a feeling of total fullness.

I don’t know about you but I’ve never met a satisfied person, who permanently lives on a diet.


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