My Brazil Nut Pesto and White Beans with Kale Recipe

Soak your beans over night, I use 2 cups and I freeze what I don’t use. Rinse your beans and place into a pot and boil the beans for about 10 minutes then simmer till tender.

Take your food processor
5x Brazil nuts – bitz
add a bunch of basil
the juice of a lemon
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 clove of garlic

Bitz till a consistency you like your pesto to be and add salt and pepper.

Once your butter beans are cooked, add washed spinach or kale or a mix of both. Let the heat from the beans cook your greens, should take about 5 or 8 minutes. I just cover with the lid, then add lemon juice and EVOO and season. Taste and add your pesto mix it through your beans.

Serve Enjoy

Any extra freeze for the quick week night dinner.


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