I’m Sorry for my Silence, I’m on 40 days of Wellness

Since I found out about my thyroid disease, I’ve been trying new things. And I’ve started sleeping again, properly. Which feels amazing but I know you can imagine.

I’m not feel great about not writing to you all so you know. I’ve needed to rest and quite my mind, which for me takes a lot of work. I am actively seeking balance in my life, on all sides. Mixed with a tiredness I just can’t express in words I injure. I’ve learnt balance is a active action or actions, not at all passive.

I’m on 40 days of wellness with a plan.

I want to offer you a thought, please think have you ever heard a person say, as they go up to a buffet ‘I really didn’t like this food, so I’m going to eat some more’. Have you ever heard that?

If we change the word food to thought’s, this is the work I’m doing on myself. This 40 days of wellness include my thought’s.

Being OK with so simple and a simply way of being, I’m doing less and feeling more.


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