Easter and Sugar

In all these years of me giving up sugar and thinking cravings were  just going to stop.

With sugar being a hot topic everywhere and with the sugar tax coming. Cravings and desiring treats doesn’t stop just because ….. Just because whatever the reason.

I never knew years ago my ‘giving up’ sugar was a journey to know me.

I never knew cravings had feelings underneath them, with a few locked in emotions too. And then there are layers, on layers with cravings and feelings. And wanting just wanting.

I feel I know sugar cravings better than I know most of my feelings.

With Easter coming I want to talk about transition recipes, I’ve learnt to make my own chocolate, cakes and treats. I’m going to share some transition recipes with you all.


I think and feel strongly if you experience cravings and if they are for sweet foods, they don’t just go away. I think the obsessive thoughts and feelings of guilt are worse than the food.
So don’t worry please let go if you are ready for a change? And try one of my recipes that will come this week on my blog. And try to take it easy, most of us will be eating chocolate.  


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