Milks or Mylks

Choc Cherry Amazingness
Choc Cherry Amazingness














I started experimenting with different milks about 8 years ago. One I really love is Sesame Milk, I do love the flavor. I like to make my own milks myself and my body doesn’t like almond milk, at all it makes me sick but my taste buds like the taste. Rather than fighting my cravings for sweet foods I’ve learnt to experiment with trying new foods for more nutrition to nourish my body.

I don’t buy different milks made by companies and sold in supermarkets or shops ever.

I only make what I need which is normally a serving for one and freeze any extra.

I try to chew my smoothies to start the digestion process too, chewing also helps me feel satisfied too.

This is the most delicious recipe if you like the taste of tahini.

In a blender

Add water I use about 1 ½ cup to start with
2x good dessert spoons of tahini paste (I like the pale or light tahini)
½ a cup of frozen cherries (without the stones inside) I buy these in season
1 good tablespoon of cacao powder
I squeeze of rice syrup (if you need extra sweetness)

Blend and check the consistency if too thick add more water. And enjoy a healthy choc, cherry smoothie that helps to balance out cravings.


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