This is Me

The wonder of my truth, as I feel it to be from the core of our insides. I’ve been learning and relearning and discovering the deeper me within. I don’t know when I started to feel so unhappy in my life but I was used to living an unhappy life and I felt that was normal.
Relearning because I discovered I was living and making choices from my conditioning and the patterns I had picked up on the way.
At times, I can’t remember when I last had fun or felt elated……

A silent awareness of an inner me was starting to come through, I didn’t know my mind and conditioning wasn’t in harmony with my inner core.
Thinking of the word ‘truth’ as a dynamic action word with the feeling of openness to explore. How can I feel happier and elated like when I was 10 years old? Just because I’m older why and where did the feeling of being alive go…. ?

How was I going to bring this back? I went on a bike ride in Hyde Park, the feeling of elation was back. So was the feeling of being free.
So my list is growing finding my satisfaction. And not buying crap.

Making my own chocolate
Bike riding
Sipping drinks and chatting with laugher

I’m no feeling like an adult with a true connection to me with happiness and feeling free to be.


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