A Personal Post 2016

When it comes to stress (sympathetic) our bodies are in a state of chronic stress, also known as “fight or flight response,” our nutritional metabolism can shut down anywhere between 20 percent and 80 percent.

Relaxation (parasympathetic) the ideal bodily state for full metabolic power is the relaxation response.  This state is what I’ve had to relearning over 2015.

Last January I was not happy at all and I was living from a place of deep fear, I was making poor fear based choices and I was very low in my emotional life. Also in my physical state, even though I was eating a very healthy balanced food plan, I was very unwell and was rushed to hospital a few times.

Now, this January 2016 I’m working with a functional medical practitioner and nutritional therapist to help me look under my hood:)

and I’m focusing on what makes me feel good. Also what I enjoy…..

No resolutions for me this year, which is a million miles away from where I was last year. I was just starting to question, what the freak I was doing……. it’s my life. It was like I didn’t know that, 2015 was full of lessons but I was listening. That is my difference now.  

No more stress for me, I see stress very differently now and I respond differently too. This has become a personal discipline because how I was thinking was stressing me out!

Relearning the art of relaxation has been powerful but odd because I believe it is a skill now. When I was a child I took this bliss feeling for granted as an adult, it my most valued state to be in.

Personal Power = Metabolic Power


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