Fear is Stupid So are Regrets

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If 90 percent of women are dissatisfied with their bodies, I read this recently. And follow on from my last post, I am sorry it has taken me a while. I’m really learning and living these emotional patterns myself and learning not to live inside them at the same time. Some of the emotional patterns I’m discovering really, hit me hard like a kick in the tummy.

I’m reminded a lot because I want to feel different and experience different results in my life, I need to think and feel different most moments. What I mean be this is, feeling easy and lighty happy I need to work for, there is a lack of living with ease in my skin. Messages like eat less, exercise more = happiness, does not work for me. Yet I believed in this type of messaging from the external world. To further add the toxicity of my internal lack, the practices to achieving a “healthy body” is counter-intuitive developing my true body, mind and emotional health.

Exercising in front of a mirror, with strangers around me, sweating, going bright pink/red and having a trainer shout at me to get moving. Is emotionally more of a deep calling of my internal strength because very negative voice in my being. Is screaming loudly in my head as I look myself in the eyes and keep going. That’s why I know believe, women aren’t lazy who don’t exercise. It’s a internal emotional muscle that needs to be changed and developed.

Any added thinking stress = no body changes = no new results = not hitting personal goals

Regardless of how healthy you are eating, or how much you exercise, if your mind is chronically stressed, you will burn calories, assimilate nutrients and digest food at an extremely reduced rate.  

Boom this is one thing I’ve really learnt this year, dam….. so a question I have asked you all many time this year. What makes you feel happy? What makes you feel alive?


*I found this picture, I don’t know who the owner is. Do tell tell me if you know, Many thanks.

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