Emily making Egg Hoppers
Emily making Egg Hoppers








Sometimes I get in own way and impose rules + conditions to determine my perceived success which determines my level of happiness in life.

For me to live each moment as it is…. and not to try to control the outcome.

Practicing unconditional love… Practicing forgiveness + gratitude brings me joy.. And Eating great food…

I think of a few things I’m grateful for each day. One thing I’m always grateful for is, amazing food. And I want you all to meet Chief Emily Dobbs at Weligama, who makes Egg Hoppers:-) I had never had one before and I’m so glad, I wanted to try a new food. I know this sounds simple but when did you try a new food last?

Emily is at DRUID STREET MARKET most Saturday’s from 10am – 4pm
126 Druid Street, London SE1 2HH

I have now been twice and I’ve tried two different types of Egg Hoppers, they are a taste sensation to enjoy. The batter is fermented and easy to digest and the rest of the ingredients are Emily’s choice with Clarence Court eggs, fresh produce sourced from the market stalls of South Harrow, Tooting & Southall and local organic produce wherever possible.



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