Melting into Life …. Allowing … Growing

Beautiful Chamomile Tea
Beautiful Chamomile Tea








I never thought I’d love chamomile tea
I never thought I’d embrace Self Love
I never thought I’d start to develop an understanding of Deep Love for my yoga practice

Allowing a journey to be the journey from my head to my heart with all my mistakes on the way. Hasn’t stopped me I now understand what was a nightmare, really brought me closer to my road on my journey.

I use to feel the need to apologise for who I am, let others think I’m eccentric in my ways(I’m so not)

I really had and am craving simplicity in all areas of my life so I feel free to be myself. No running from myself no more, no doing endlessly but stay right with me emotionally and allowing.

I’ve learnt my depths of me have show me, I have more of a craving for my purpose and fulfillment. And discovering what that is, rather than meeting all the external expectations I feel. I feel now much more, woman’s natural capacity to love, to give, to nurture, to be playfully sensual is one of the most precious gifts that life has brought us to this planet and yet, to find a woman who wholeheartedly supports love, supports living life with all her passions and happiness rare.

So I ask you all again, What makes to happy?
What makes me happy is fresh vegetables, home cooking, excise, yoga, transformation breathing, being at home, spending equality time with the humans in my life and writing and planning for my blog. Melting into my life…


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