Reflections Over Tea

A beautiful tea from Crete
A beautiful tea from Crete tastes of summer fields in a cup with strawberries, vanilla delightful bliss. My new book, My New Roots by Sarah Britton.










One hour daily spent on your priorities will boost your enthusiasm for life . . . as well as your self confidence….

Enjoyment, Love experiencing what you enjoy doing, I have learnt is a state of being………

Thinking about is the world of I love you as long as you value what I value, as long as you be who I need you to be and as long as you love me as I need to be loved. Which is the sort of love that turns to hate when we don’t get what we think we want but that is not real love.

Real love has no opposite it is a state of being. Giving to yourself with your own passions, then meeting your partner as a whole person committed to yourself first. Then sharing your happiness with openness is Love..Priorities .. Creativeness…. Time …. Allowing …. 

Elizabeth Gilbert new book Big Magic asks a  Question:

Q: What is Creativity?

A: The relationship between a human being and the mysteries of inspiration.

While I sip my tea, workout or sit alone in a rose garden(sipping tea) I connect back to me and my creativity. If I’m super organised I have a pen and note book, on me to write down my ideas. This is the core of my own personal development strategy, time alone, staying in balance with what feels right for me. Allowing others to do the same for themselves, knowing I can’t fix anyone else but I can be there to hear them when they are ready.

This is my understanding of Love being a state of being…..embracing curiosity, loving what I Love the most…


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