Hello Hello!

It’s been awhile, I’ve been on a yoga retreat, a holiday and resting. Looking into space wherever I have been sitting. Feeling and allowing to feel my more difficult emotions, rather than filling myself up on stuff I don’t need.

It’s interesting what comes up out of the bottom of my belly, when I stop, breath, eat lots of vegetables and do many things I enjoy. I talking about releasing emotions that become stuffed down inside me. A ‘clenching’ or inner ‘gasping’ that knot feeling inside the core of me.

This inner ‘gasping’ I believe blocks all the new experiences, following into my life. If my soul or energy followed like a river, there will be ups and downs but the follow won’t stop.

Self love, self care, an inner knowing that is my next right step. Can be revealed if I stay open to the follow of life. Even during knowing or painful times, of not know what the outcome will be.

In my retreat, I met my feelings and surrendered to the deep irritated gasping in my belly. I let go because I had too. The repetitive thoughts mixed with the feelings and know I wasn’t free in my own mind. On one of the retreat days, the yoga teacher forgot about the time, I was in the corner of the room. With no easy way out of the room, 4 hours later I’d worked through all my resistance and surrendered.

Doing yoga, which means ‘union’ between mind and body is the most liberating gift I have given myself. It’s become things, so I think about what I want in my life.

This isn’t always easy but it is the most rewarding….. knowing the universe has my back..
This is what I worked through…… in my quiet time…… now my mind is quiet ….


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