Come See Me Shine On, We All Can Shine On

Form Studios
Form Studios






Form Studios with Elissa a met-core workout – this workout is on another level! When Elissa shouts ‘come on ladies’ this means the burn is like a fire in your derriere, legs, arms and tummy. But it is the most addictive type of torture, I’ve ever experienced.

Rooftop Yoga at 5 Star Hotels with Lululemon and Press Juices and their Californian Breakfast Smoothies at 7:15 am on a Monday morning. Soo Goood… with Tania Brown at Tania Brown yoga.

Wokit in Borough Market – pick your fresh ingredients, locally sourced and cooked in front of you.

My Skincare
My Skincare





My Skincare Route and the Products I use – daily and in my self-care nights. The main question I’m asked is ‘how do you look so young’? My answer is the vegetables I eat and my skincare routine is Aesop the Parsley Seed Line.

New Waters –  I’m drinking on my instagram

Pictures of other peoples Coffee on Pinterest! Honestly I freaking Love it!

Flowers from the Farmers Market

Farmers Markets Flowers
Farmers Markets Flowers




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