I run my own race in my life, I have no desire to play games

At Barre Core in Kensington
At Barre Core





I’m in competition with no one! I run my own race in my life, I have no desire to play games. I don’t care about appearing better than anyone else.

My aim is to improve one step at a time, doing the next right thing for me. One moment at a time. Being present in my moments in my life..

If I want to time travel, I read an amazing book and allow me to be taken into their world.

I have learnt if you want to stop time, find someone you fancy and kiss. Kiss for hours and it will feel like time has stopped.

I have learnt to be mentally present exercise, try a core workout. At a high intensity this deep pain drives my thoughts out of my mind into my body. Then I’m present in the moment.

I’ve just finished a 14 workouts in 14 days challenge, set by me, with me to me. On day 13 and on my 13th workout. My pity party started, I didn’t want to finish and I wanted to give up. My body was in pain and that is all I could think of, for me it isn’t about the beginning. It is always about the end to complete. I learnt the gold is in the completion, thats where self esteem is built and trust in oneself. With unexplainable pride in simply knowing, I did it.

Emotional patterns embedded in me will bring all my personal goals to an early end. Till I learned to stop the pain patterns, with silence has brought my solutions. With openness and understanding has diminished anger. With compassion and kindness has brought, no need to find fault.

Stopping my excuses with intense workouts, has meant I don’t settle and I feel deeper. This means I’m more present in the moment to give to myself and others. Self love is my tool for the future, love is the tool I use to build my life.

So I’m in competition with no one, I aim to be better than I was before. That’s me and I’m free.


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