Getting Over the Hump Day

At Wokit
At Wokit






How do we sparkle on? When we are craving, what is not in front of you? A new man, a new job or a better food choice…. or more sweeties….just low and crappy…

Accepting the rut or the craving is the hard part. Making the change needed, takes effort to feel uncomfortable or curiosity to try to live a different way…

Curiosity lead me too……..

My meditation practice (or sitting quietly doing nothing) started through curiosity not because I knew what I was doing, nor did I question why I felt the need to be, I just did. My curiosity lend me to learn how to make raw chocolates because I wanted to walk down the street not thinking about chocolate. I had my own homemade raw chocolate in my bag, lovingly made knowing the amounts of sweetener and which sweetness. Is best for my body to keep on track with bring my body back to balance.

Curiosity meant my own chocolate I was eating left me satisfied and free of chocolate cravings.

When I feel discontentment starting and an insatiable hunger takes over me. These are my top tips:

I add to my day
Green Smoothie or a Large Green Juice
Green Salad with avocado

Having someone else make my food, I go too these places to get on track and to be inspired by real food. Made by inspiring people, who are going to make incredible food for me to enjoy.

Wokit in Borough Market

Fresh, funky and tasty made with seasonally and with local ingredients. Asian flavours and you choose what goes into the wok then your pot.


Fresh, healthy and filling falafel and houmous. I just go for it in there while they put my salad together. Then I allow the satisfied feeling take over me.


Fresh, zing ingly bright, vibrant, food. Balanced healthy eating but hearty and just delicious.


Breath, feel, relax, walk, talk to a friend you trust, dance, laugh know this will pass. Nourish your body and mind, know this will and we will sparkle on…. I can’t think of any thing better than, someone who is unafraid to be and be themselves. This is real beauty don’t hold on, just let go.


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