Barry’s Bootcamp the word Congruence Comes to Mind…….

You all know I started going to Barry’s at the end of December 2014. I Love Barry’s so much, I can totally tell you why too. In fact I’m bursting too.

I have never been a gym person and I have tried a few different ones and I could see what was appealing. About the horrible smell, bored looking staff,  the hair balls and dust on the floor, for the financial investment. Just didn’t do anything for me. I was watching the Kasdashian’s and saw the girls at Barry’s in LA. Then I saw Barry’s was in London by going past on the bus. When I walked in, the beautiful smell had me completely engaged, I was mentally present and alert. The receptionist smiled and was happy to explain what I was about to do next, I felt so welcome but nervous I knew I was going to be worked.

I remember my first work out so clearly and my others since, the trainers, the trainers are the best of the best. Not only did they work me physically but emotionally they touched me too.

When a trainer is so energised and alert, shouts at you, ‘look in the mirror, ask yourself, what do you want’? Look at yourself now! Go there now! I was so tearful but I wanted to run my way into the dress size I crave. And I wanted to do it for me.

Yes, the workout is full on and the female trainers are equally as strong as the male trainers. They all bring their own individual style to the workout, I always feel welcome and like they care. I told Fasial one of the trainer, when I felt scared of a heavier weight. He put his hand on my shoulder and told me I had nothing to worry about. Smiled and made me feel comfortable to push myself.

Yes by the time I leave, I can’t feel my legs and the next day too. I have started sleeping better too since going. Also Barry’s is clean, no dust, no hair balls, smells amazing. All the staff are lovely from the cleaners, reception to the Fuel Bar and the other bootcampers. I have met some great people there.

When one of the trainers said, ‘it never gets easier you just, you get better at it’! Their honestly and realness gets me every time and I want more, more Barry’s. I want to hear, ok bootcampers here we go!

It is worth my time, the cost and the results come too. The emotional connection has been a surprise to me. One thing I have learnt is, I have stayed comfortable in my thinking other women can have an amazing body. Barry’s work out makes me be fully present and I have realised a lot of emotional blocks, while a trainer shouts. ‘How much can you give’?

The word congruence comes to mind, this describes a moment in time when we move forward without a doubt. All our senses are focused in the direction we are headed. Nothing can stop us, this is the Barry’s experience.

Thanks to the awesome trainers and staff.
I feel strong, feminine and challenged to be a better Rebecca very time. What makes you feel awesome?


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