A Thought Over Tea

At L'Orchidee Cafe Drinking Cherry Rose Green Tea over ice

At L’Orchidee Cafe Drinking Cherry Rose Green Tea over ice

As most of you know I love going to farmer’s markets, then I asked myself why? On Saturday I have asked myself this a number of times. I felt I needed to ask myself again.

Curious in a paradox of thought with my TV full of how to cook shows or baking at home shows. I had been at the supermarket earlier, there was so many people in front of the pre prepared food selves. Rather than cooking their meal from the start.

The first evening meal I learnt to cook was a vegetable stir fry, which I could create in 20 minutes or less for my Mother, brother and I. Some of the veg was from our garden and the other from the supermarket, with meat or fish and potatoes.

In London most restaurants are full most nights in the week or at lunch time,  with ready meals and takeaways.

My question became, do we come home to watch on TV, to learn how to share with others? from these cooking shows? or are we sitting learning how to cook? This trend of cooking shows with the paradox of reality TV programs, showing people who can’t cook.

I realised there are more people watching how to cook on TV sitting down. Rather than going into their kitchen and cooking a meal from the beginning of 30 minutes.

Do you remember what is your favorite home made dinner?


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