Rituals = I’m Mine Before Anyone Elses

Sharon Osbourne on the X- Factor once said to a contestant ‘we are use to seeing people who don’t know who they are’.

With reality TV, handbag fascinations and devices to distract us from ourselves. Craving what is over there, craving attention, craving sugar, craving to be others. Is or has become a normal state.

Falling in love with ourselves first, accepting our own strengths and weakness. Then turning a weakness into a strength. Is honouring our given gifts from the creator or universe. Then expressing them, sharing and evolving with them. When we do met our partner and they are living by the same principles. Two wholes met and are rejoined, the beginning of love is to let others be perfectly themselves. Not to twist them to fit our own vision, otherwise we are loving the reflection of ourselves in them.

This is not appreciation of the human being in front of us, offering their hand to join them on a journey…… with and in love and presence of two human beings.

Time alone enjoying my passions, interests and practicing my self-care route. Means when I’m in the presence of a gentlemen. Sharing with me who he is and what he is about, I can hear and receive him as he is. Then I can return the compliment….in the moment.

If our values of who we are in the choices we make and the daily actions we create in our life’s.  If looking at the food on our plates being a reflection, of how we feel about ourselves.

What does your plate say about you? With everywhere we look offering false messages promising happiness and love. We can lose touch with our own instincts and inner self’s.

What does it take to look within… and raise with ourselves?


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