Tamarind Savory Snack Balls

At the Rolling Stage
At the Rolling Stage










1 cup of brown rice – I soak my rice overnight in water – tip away the water and cook the rice – let it go cold

Tempeh – I use the whole packet, normally tempeh packets are 120 grams

1 small red onion

2 garlic cloves

A good slice of fresh ginger root

2 Tsp Braggs Aminos I use a lot

Tamarind paste

2 medium Fresh tomatoes

2 Tsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In a food processor add all the ingredients and process  – leave out the cold rice into a large bowl.  Take the chopped ingredients and mix through the rice. Smell your mixture, while turning and mixing together. It this stage I add more and I use my sense of smell to guide me.

Then I cover and leave in the fridge over night. The next day I roll into balls and then bake in a oven at 150 degrees, until they are golden. Which takes about 30 minutes in a little coconut fat.

I freeze most of the balls once cold,  I use them on nights when I’m too tired to cook. Take 4 out at a time and add with a quick vegetable stir-fry or salad.


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