Rituals = I’m Mine Before Anyone Elses

In my tea pot this week Organic Peppermint with Liquorice Roots









The togetherness is the key with myself to feed who I am. Knowing who I am is a gift. Accepting where I am in life.

Stopping to cravings of what is over there and accepting me in the here and now. In very moment, after a work week, after honoring commitments and after illness.

The luxury of time to sit and daydream, sitting on grass or walking in a park. Smelling the roses or walking in Waitrose smelling the sweet peas. Helps bring me back to me.

 Making an extra dinner, to prepare for my self-care time. I like to make a soup, so I feel comforted, nourished and let my digestion rest. Our digestion works so hard all week.

 Self-care is not about an expensive day of going to salons, spas or raw chiefs for me it is about. Choosing time and creating space in my life, too think and do positive things for myself. I try to create this time once a week and I do one self-loving action a day.

This does look different in summer to my winter self-care time. At the moment with summer in London, I’m making different teas. I’m reading at the park with my bare feet on the grass, doing a little meditation too. My bath is with salts, I’m mixing my own oils and moisturising my body with them. Writing to empty out my mind, creating space for new thoughts, new experiences, new food ideas and new people.

The purpose of me having this time to myself, is I am then more open to others, I listen and hear more. I laugh more and I am present with the people I am with and feel totally comfortable in my skin.

I believe to hear others is to add value to our time together.


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