Alexander McQueen Greatest Achievement being Himself








I was lucky to work on a short fashion film called ‘To Lee, With, Love, Nick’ by Nick Knight. These two days were exciting emotional intense and captivating, seeing Alexander’s raw channeled talent so closely was powerful moving, moving enough to change me.

‘How do I look into myself and find my true passion and raw talent’? What lights me up?
And do this very day with a grateful heart?

I was invited to a private showing of Alexander McQueen’s, Savage Beauty at the V&A. This week and this all came back to me and hit me hard, the emotion and beauty of Alexander and his ability to explore his pain. To feel pain and to move through it.

I once heard Alexander talking about his love for his Mother and sisters,his romantic side. And his promotion of freedom of thought expression and using imagination.

Why has this become so rare? Why isn’t this our norm?

Where has the discovery of ourselves gone? And why do people work in jobs they don’t enjoy or have lost their enjoyment for so long? Feeling comfortable in the uncomfortable is the new normal.
I wish….? I wanted to be…? I enjoy ..? I love it when.? I want to feel this way all the time….?

With these feelings like reminders, I only understood myself after I destroyed me. Then in my process of fixing me, did I know who I really was. And what I would like to feel on my sides with purpose for living my life.

I’m not at Alexander’s level yet….. in Alexander’s short life he talked and explored Love, Fashion, being a Londoner, Romance, Gothic, Primalism, Nationalism, Curiosities, Exotism, Voss, Nationalism, Planto Atlanis, Charles Darwin, working on tight budgets, a leader, a work colleague,  a son, brother, a friend and a Lover but most of all himself.

We all can go and admire Alexander and his greatest achievement of being himself.


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