Rituals = Tea Making

My Tea Time to Relax







My New Tea
My Own Mix

Organic Rooibos Tea — Organic Peppermint Tea — Organic Cacao Nibs

Hot water, tea pot, your size tea cup (mine is big) and I use rice milk with 4% coconut milk

Healthy is the new sexy and a healthy mind is even sexier. With true connections between human beings because that is what we are first and not doing machines.

Deadlines, work email inbox with 100 a day, being on time, commuting on full trains, traffic, crowds of people, being a friend, wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother, work colleague, cook, shopper and the list goes on.

In my quiet moments I love to drink tea and I have stuck to the same ones for years. This weekend I created my own mix and it worked out better than I thought.

Top tip when mixing your tea flavor yourself
Taste each ingredient alone first, don’t  put the mix together and expect it to be amazing (yes I did that)

Challenges and painful moments will come and go but in those quite moments. We can access a inner claim to rest and rejuvenate, in simple very day moments like having tea. Life will keep bring us lessons and we will keep growing and that doesn’t mean, we give up the value of our own time.


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