Kale a Superfood that has Two Secrets

My Kale for my Dinner
My Kale for my Dinner

Kale and greens are life changing and saving in my opinion. I found once I left home and started living differently to my parents. I wouldn’t cook greens at home but I would order them at restaurants as a side dish.

Now that makes no sense……

I wouldn’t say I went crazy with cooking different food to Mum but I went on a journey to work out, what I like to make for myself. I use to think my food tastes so much better, than my Mum’s but I was wrong. It was only different, Mum was my teacher with my Nana.

Once I wanted to surprise my Mum with her dinner, so I really thought about it and came up with a crazy great idea. I went into the kitchen for hours and shut the door, when I came out. Mum was sitting at the dinner table pretty excited at the smells and table was all set, my son was sitting with her.

On the plates in my hands was two perfect looking extra large cupcakes, with bright pink icing piped perfectly.

With greens around the cupcakes…… oh yes……I kid not! My son was over the moon and my Mum was horrified!

Looking at me my Mum said ‘you have been in the kitchen for hours and you come out with cupcakes for dinner?’ Knowing the power of my son to keep Mum, relatively claim. At the sight of bright pink  cupcakes…. for dinner..

I smiled and said ‘please try Mum and I will bring out the rest of the food for your dinner’.

Mortified my Mum cut into the cupcakes, looking pained with the sight of her dinner. Then Mum tried and it was slow cooked lamb and mashed potatoes with beetroot juice in the mashed potatoes. The beetroot was tasteless in the mash but made it a beautiful pink colour.

My son said, ‘you are tricky and they both laughed’  I was so relieved.

The dinner was a vision of beauty and all my love had gone into this meal. My son couldn’t stop laughing and they both ate it all up, there was total silence while they enjoyed every bite.

At the time I didn’t know the fat’s from the meat helped with the oxalates in the kale. To support the absorption of calcium is better than milk at 27%.

Secret 1* fats and proteins are key to support our bodies to absorb their goodness.

So if you love your meat, try adding fresh kale that has been sauteed in fat (butter, gee or coconut fat)if you like garlic and salt. If you have high levels of bad cholesterol this is a supportive action to help your body.

Tomorrow I will share the 2nd secret with you all.


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