To Honour Beauty in Pain

Spring Walk in London
Spring Walk in London










Today, I am feeling discomfort and uncertainty that accompanies the changing of the seasons, in a real and very bracing way this feeling of sadness that can’t be explained. A numbness that something that just is not right. In my life right now, a lack of balance.

With spring in the air and the budding blossom here in the northern hemisphere, I feel I should be wanting to open myself up and let the new energy instead of feeling discombobulated and unable to release this feeling of unease. With the unknown and unseen naturally coming in and around me, my fragility feels all consuming and I want to stay at home and say, no to everything.

I believe, Love is what we are born with and fear is what we learn. Unlearning fear and allowing of life’s ups and downs. Then letting love back in my heart can hurt but I have too, once I have administered some self love back into myself.  To be consciously aware of this process and to experience love in myself,  is the meaning of life. Recognising this in others is equally important to lets friends go through their journey too and we can share how we come through to the other side.

For me meaning does not lie in things, meaning lies with in us. And our sharing together to create amazing memories and pain to teach me where not to go or be.

Love is the route and purpose I keep going very day and knowing this too shall pass. Using my self love tools of walking, eating as well as I can and meditation. Listening to music and writing helps me feel whole.



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