To Honor Natural Beauty Jess Ainscough

Since the end of studying and graduating at IIN I have felt lost not sure about my next moves, in my life and I am not focused at all. I am eating well and exercising but I am tried wiped out really.

With Jess passing away and her being my leader for so long now. I have idolized her making healthy choices seem so easy and effortless.

Vulnerable and lost are two of my main feelings I am experiencing right now. Looking to Jess has gone, I do have her book and emails to draw strength from and some of my healthy habits. I have been doing for long enough to do them automatically I just have no inner vom …… from within.

Jess’s voice so humble and full of grace as she took one step at a time, to find her wellness and her choices. To build a blossoming community at the same time as healing her body. I only realised Jess was here to teach me through love and kindness, how to be brave, how to live well, and how to be kind. And to make peace with my plates one meal at a time.

Breathing and moving through life, rather than holding on to past moments.

Sometimes when I think of Jess’s dad and his organic vegetable and what this represents. To plant and grow vegetables with all his love, for his wife and daughter to receiving to most lovingly grown food possible. Fills me with awe for this wellness family.

In sadness of Jess’s early death and deep joy for knowing her talking about coffee enemas and self love will go on. Jess will always be in my heart but I have to say I am devastated with the loss of Jess.


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