A Sense of Myself

I have needed to go inward for this, overdoing everything and trying to please others. Going out of my way to try to make others happy, then not knowing where my happiness is. Or why my happiness had left me or when.

Thinking at the time a Chanel Handbag will sort everything out for me (not the right thinking here). Unhappiness for me was my biggest block and I didn’t know how this was happening in my life. Wanting to laugh and have fun seemed to far away from my day-to-day life.

I wasn’t brought up with much education on existence or the universe but when I learnt, 70% of the universe is dark energy. Then the low feelings I feel are real but I want to know how to take them away. How is it when I feel dark or low in myself this becomes all-consuming and I didn’t know has to stop this process. To bring myself back to inner joy and sense of knowing, what is right for me? With my IIN course finished, what am I going to do now?

My relationship with time feels like it needs to change and what I am doing with my time, feels like it needs to be questioned……….

I do feel happy in my morning routine and what this feels like after for me. In meditation, yoga, going for walks in London parks is so peaceful. Working out at Barry’s Bootcamp, really keeps me connected to myself.

Some of the park walks feel like I am in nature in the country. I feel more grounded and centered like I can make the decision I was putting off making.

What isn’t I want now in my life ? How do I want to feel ? Now I am a Qualified Health Coach


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