Practice to Become A Routine Day 4

I have found any new habit takes time to create its own follow in my life. Plus I am quick to give up, pitifully if I’m starting to feel better and I have forgotten why I needed the change.

During the Christmas and New Year break I rested, cleaned, watched movies and TV shows, took naps, I created a vision board for 2015, read, walked and tried Barry’s Bootcamp.

Which was so good for me !! I am back feeling more connected to myself and what I want. I loved stepping out of my routine and doing very different things with my time.

As I can’t do these actions all the time, I wake up early for time for me and using allocated time. To do things I enjoy has taken a long time to see the value, in my choice.

The things on my mental to-do list had felt like fore-v-e-r and had become a dag, dag. Now they have been done, new things can come into my mind. Also I keep the feeling of being rested longer.

To keep the reboot feeling going
So today at 5:30
My alarm will go
I will make my tea but get into dry body brushing and shower
Oil pulling for 20 minutes and journal at the same time, while I am holding the oil in my mouth.
I will check my blog post
Then get ready for work to leave for 7:15 am

At this point the feeling of wanting to give up starts for me, due to the level of practice I have had. I will keep pushing through, when I add one new health practice in. I felt like a supper hero and couldn’t imagine adding anymore.

One step at a time.

Do you have an answer for my question yesterday? What could you start _______?


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