Practice to Become A Routine Day 2

My writing note books
My writing note books









Practice rather than failure more, practice practice. I know my feelings and mood is deeply different about ourselves, when we choose a meal that nourishes us.

Sometimes it is a distant memory the feeling of ravenous hunger from I felt as a child. I do wonder where it went……. and when it went away ……. and why it went away ?

So why do I want to to wake up early to have enough time. To have a personal practice to to get in touch with how I feel? And to set up my day so I feel good in my skin? And to feel balanced throughout my day in my skin.

I remember as a child knowing what I liked and what I wanted … ! As an adult my answers aren’t clear or full of clarity and I don’t like it when I change my mind ….. I dislike it, when someone points out I have changed my mind.

So I have to reconnect back to myself daily for a sense of myself.

This morning I will wake at 5:30 am to start my daily practice;

I think about my Intention for the day this I normally do the night before and write this now. How I think of myself is so valuable to me because I want happy feelings and positive gene expression. More commonly known as well being.

Alarm goes
Hot water with Jasmine green tea – I make a small tea pot which makes about 2 mugs
Meditation for 15 minutes – right now I am using youtube to find a meditation to follow
Dry body brush for 5 to 8 minutes and shower

Writing personal and blog ideas

Then getting ready for work to leave for 7:15 am with my lunch made from last nights dinner.


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