Practices to Become A Routine

My 10 year old Body Brush
My 10 year old Body Brush







When I think of my stopping and starting behaviors, there are a lot ! I realised a while ago, when I thought I was failing all the time. I was really Practicing to become good at ……….

My morning routine
My exercise fades
My eating plan

Why did for all those years in my discovery to find out ‘what works for me…. ? Turned into punishment rather than a self caring practice. A practice to become good at it until it follows like it does today because I have stuck with it long enough to experience the benefits.

Also I now understand the importance of not neglecting my parasympathetic nervous system. That’s the part of your nervous system that chills us out ! Helps to regulate our hormones, our mood and body weight.

Would you like to try body brushing this week, we could share the 5 day commitment together ?
The benefits you will receive will be;

Caring for your skin to break up fatty deposits
Aids in lymphatic drainage, detoxification, stimulates circulation and basic exfoliation
Results in smooth glowing skin, encourages cells to regenerate
Stimulates blood flow to increase nutrient delivery to cells

Our lymphatic system needs stimulation to help filter and destroy bacteria and viruses. Located in our groin, armpits neck and chest. This healthy practice has so many more benefits, I have only mentioned a few today.

Be in a warm room, find somewhere comfortable to sit to reach your sole of your feet. Start rhythmic short strokes up your body. Towards your heart, on both sides of your body. After my shower, I don’t use any body creams or oils. I only do at night time.

I hope you join this 5 day dry body brushing commitment with me, please share below your experience.


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