Happy New Year

WHAT and WHY is my  JOB HOW and WHEN are up to the Universe Trusting the  Universe, Always has my back has been a huge learning curve
WHAT and WHY is my JOB
HOW and WHEN are up to the Universe








Setting goals or intentions are in full swing with planning for my year ahead.
I’m going to be guided by one word: Security (the state of feeling safe, stable and free from fear or anxiety)

The last two years have been endlessly challenging and I have had no sense of control or security. I have had no choice but to completely letting go and surrender and find peace from inside me. I haven’t done this easily more the hard way with doubts, poor sleep or no sleep and being riddled with all levels of fears.

I have learnt to love each moment for what it is. I want to allow instead of resist.

I want to sit among friends and be in awe of their beauty. I want to love and be loved, I want to be strong and brave without feeling guilt for being me.

I want to do health practices because I want to and not because I feel I “have to” do them.

I want to live through my fears and be powerful in my vulnerability until they disappear. To experience laughter, to  breathe deeply and experience ease and joy with no fear.

Most of all, I want to write beautiful blog posts, I feel incomplete without writing, my healthy practicing until it all feels effortless. I realised I wasn’t afraid to fail but more afraid of what to do or try so I did neither.
Everything I experienced in 2014 has helped my grow.

I also want fun and have surprises to share with you all to come 2015.



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