Practice Research and Reflection

Often after over eating and drinking at this time of year and knowing there will be more. Eating drinking and socialising to come and then the work route is back. Will commitments and pressure with your work email inbox over following, meetings and deadlines for clients.

It may feel like the time for you has past and you have missed the space to connect back in with yourself. Allowing time for yourself can often feel like a luxury we can’t afford, never mind establishing your priorities or satisfaction to boost your mood.

Why is it a work priority list gets done, in a quick moment? Because of the consequences, right?

But what about us, the health of our minds and our waste lines? That voice in our heads, that nag, no accountability buddie there? Over the years, I have struggled there in that place for long periods of time.
Then comes the anger or frustration or sadness or a feeling that I can’t go and enjoy the sales because my ass won’t fit in the jeans.
So this pattern is not acceptable to me anymore, I have learnt this stinking thinking gets me nowhere fast, reflection on my behaviors and reflection on my patterns has been so valuable.

Top tips on how to recover fast:

  • Fully feel the feeling that has come up, set a timer on your phone, feel and breath. Allow
  • And allow your gut feeling to guide you in feeling your feelings for the amount of time you have
  • When the bell goes, stop the feeling. You may need to scream so be alone or if you’re too polite write it down. Remember no one will see this and rip it up after
  • Shit is always going to come up but it is how we feel these uncomfortable feelings

Then do the next right thing you need to do, whatever it is from writing a report for your boss. Answering emails to give others what they need, then take some time for you. And do the next right thing one step at a time

Priorities accepting the work list and the personal list need to go hand in hand. Once I leaned it was one step at a time with both lists, shuffling between the two (practice I find there is always opportunity to practice). I know family and friends and other comments are there in the mix too. I found the mix happens more effortlessly with time and practice.

Surrendering guilt and negative emotions is harder than I thought. Letting my energy stay in the here and now with being open to the open experiences I am craving. No matter from powerfully isn’t easy but is doable.

This is what works for me. What have you tried? Did it work, please share below.


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