On Reflection 2014 and Trying Something New before 2015

My Kale Colada







I structure my work and studying around my self-care as a daily practices. Self care comes first because of that I get more work and study done and there is more quality to my work. When I starting making changes in my life, I didn’t know I was really starting a slow complete overhaul of very area. One little bit at a time. I love Pina Colada’s a lot but tonight I have made a Rebecca style Kale Colada. Which was totally satisfying and had the right level of creaminess.

Kale Colada

8 to 12 Kale leaves
¼ of a Pineapple
½ a Lime this wasn’t organic so I cut off the skin

Blended with in my blender jug

The juice
Coconut milk
A little Sun Warrior Protein Powder
Coconut Butter

I knew I was making this for one person the drink, I used my eye’s to measure the amounts and I knew I want a lot of kale juice. Blend and drink

Yesterday I went to Barry’s Bootcamp and did an full body class. This class provided me with the inspiration and fitness fix’s I needed transported into my life. I really felt all the hours of sitting, being asked to get moving fast and now. Was the shock I needed, this class totally delivered. The pumping music and flattering lighting with the strong engaged trainer. Means I have booked my 2nd class for Tuesday this week.

I tried to walk home after my class with a green smoothie from Plant Organic, bad idea it was too much. So I got on the bus, I always think it is great to stop when I am going to far.

Why do I have so much trouble trying new health habits and justifying the time or the money. I am splashing out? Then I realised my thinking can be a struggle but I am learning to stop further health struggles for my future. And bring in a new type of fun.
Would you like to do a IIN Health History with me? I would love to hear from you……


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