On Reflection 2014







Practicing my morning route, mine isn’t perfect yet. When I read others morning routes, I think you make it sound so easy. My value on time and how much sleep I think I need, interferes with me taking actions.

It is a straight choice
I do what makes me feel good for the day ahead and be on time? or rush everything? or have a nagging voice in my head all day with doubts? Hmmmmmm

I work full time in a corporate setting and study at IIN + my life and all that entails
For two months of this year I woke up at 5:00 am to fit everything in:

Oil pulling + journaling at the same time + maybe some other writing
Hot water and lemon or a weak green tea
Dry body brushing + shower + body oils and repeating affirmations
Tidy up around my place and getting ready for work + Breakfast

Waking up at 6:00 am meant I could do:
Hot water and Lemon, ginger and mint or a weak green tea
Meditation + journaling
Dry body brush and shower + body oil and affirmations
Getting ready for work and a little tidy up around the place

This is with my lunch made the night before and sometimes my breakfast already made for my working day.

One affirmation I love and repeat a lot is from Benjamin Flackin, ‘ What good shall I do this day’.

When I practice my morning route, I am more cosy in my skin and I feel I natural follow. I am more present in my day and carry gratitude. I accept my food plan because it works for me, so questioning stops. I practice because it isn’t always none perfectly but having a morning route gives me so much more back, self-Love and self-care.

I think about, what do I want in my life?



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