On Reflection 2014

At the end of 2013 searched for a word to base my whole 2014 around, this word was ‘Action’. To many sentences in my head ended with” I can’t do that …………..” This had to go…… As I sat thinking “what do I want to do”?

IIN Course which included me Being Health Coached

B School by Marie Forleo

Transformational Breathing Practice

Peace Love and Purpose by Jess Ainscough (my idol)

Lifestyle Transformational Guide by Jess Ainscough (my respect is high for this lady)

Went Sugar Free on the Sarah Wilson Programme for 2 Months

Juice Fasts and other Loving Nutritious New Recipes, Nutritiously Taste Food Testing (serous effort)

Learning How to Ferment Food

Worked Full Time and Stretched Myself with Professional and Personal Development

Developing my Yoga Practice

Developing my Raw Chocolate and Healthy Dessert Making

Developing my Blog and how this is going to Grow

Guest Blogging

Meeting New People and Making New Friends

Feeling Happy

I learnt “Pleasure is Primal and dessert should be too” my life was to long without pleasure and I was under too much pressure to please others. Now this has gone considerably this has opened up space for the things, I want in my life.

Then I crushed from my high-energy whirlwind with adrenal fatigue which stopped me in my tracks then put me in hospital, I was still going through the grieving process from earlier in the year. This give me time to think, if everything on the outside of us is a reflection of our internal state. I had fried myself……..I had totally lost contact with myself.


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